Walk at night

Today we took advantage of the fact that spring came (finally!) and we went out for a walk through our little town. Tonight it’s the first time we go out for a walk since we moved here. Up to now there was no time and it was kinda cold and ugly outside anyway. It’s an old town with old streets and old houses but it’s a pleasure to walk around. It’s like traveling back in time. Couple of pictures I took:

When I get the chance I will put up some pictures made during a sunny day, it’s a place worth seeing ;-)

2 Responses to “Walk at night”

  1. Ciupercutza says:

    Hehe voi traiti intr-un orasel de poveste. Casutele zici ca-s facute din turta dulce :)
    Sa va plimbati mai des. Si sa ai aparatul foto la tine :))

  2. Stefan says:

    [:en]I’ll do that ;-)[:ro]Asa o sa fac ;-)

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