The Stranger – Part 1

He suddenly opened his eyes, panting, drops of sweat on his forehead. He moves into a sitting position on his blanket and, taking deep breaths, looks around. It was another nightmare. Details of the dream were fading away but dark images were still haunting his mind. For a moment he did not realize where he was but then it all came back to him. Together with the sorceress, he traveled for many days, tracking the ones that took her brother. They did not really understand what happened, how the warrior was taken so easily, but the dark scent of magic he was tracking was not good news. He never felt magic like that before, neither did the sorceress. During the last days the traces were getting stronger, they were getting closer. He figured that next day they will get them.

He looked to his right where she was sleeping and froze. She was not there. A clear sense of danger shot through him and he jumped up. Her pack was still here, but she was gone. He looked around and it was then he noticed the flashes of light through the trees, in the distance.` Why did she leave?`. He didn’t waste any more time. Grabbing his staff he started running towards the flashes.

As he ran got closer to the lights, he noticed that most of the trees we cut down, scorched. Some still burning. Dark corpses were in the bushes. Pools of blood. Deadly magic had been unleashed here, her magic. But why ? He ran. Sounds of battle were heard ahead, screams. He could feel the magic crackling in the air. He ran faster. He was real close now. Stopping for a second, he quickly whispered ancient words and raised a protection shield around him. He then rushed ahead and entered the clearing but stopped dead in his tracks.

In a heartbeat he took everything in: corpses everywhere, weird humanoid shapes, but yet not humans. The high elf was with her back to a large rock, a trail of blood from a head wound was on her neck, the left sleeve of her robe was torn away and another scar was seen on her arm, her chest moving up and down with effort, her hands glowing. The hideous creatures were surrounding her, advancing slowly. He had a feeling that the dead corpses on the ground somehow cut their courage a bit. He needed to act fast but help was needed. Whispering the words, he called forth his power and used it to open a portal to the underworld. The air seemed to shimmer in front of him and, with shriek, a dark shadow appeared, floating above the ground and holding a huge scythe in its hand.` Command me, master`, whispered the shadow.

“Protect her!”

With a terrorizing scream, the specter instantly glided towards the creatures. They started to turn but the specter was above them. Before they could react, the scythe moved with blurring speed and two creature were cut in half, blood spraying into the air. One creature slashed at the shadow, but the shadow dodged the blow. The creature lifted its sword to hit again but, right then, it got hit by a powerful gust of wind and flew across the clearing, hitting a rock on the other side with such violence that its head exploded. The shadow quickly killed two more creatures.

Then the necromancer saw what the sorceress was protecting at the large rock: the warrior was on the ground, bleeding from several wounds. He was still alive, he could feel that. More creatures attacked the woman. In those split seconds several things happened. She sprang her hand up and a fireball hit one of the creatures, killing it instantly, a scythe came from nowhere and sliced the legs of another creature, green lightning shot from the necromancer’s hand and another creature dropped dead with a thump. But the last one went through and with a growl, ran his sword through the wounded warrior’s chest. The creature was killed the next instant by the specter, but too late. The woman was staring in shock at the dead corpse. She looked at the dark elf and he saw the tears running down her cheeks. She was shaking her head, not believing this: “No … this can’t be …”. More creatures entered the clearing. She looked at them, then back at the corpse.

“No .. no .. no … NOOOOO!!” she screamed.

She sprang her hands up and the night ignited.

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