The Paladin

After leaving the two dark elves, he heads for the woods again. He must search for him. He needs to find him. It’s been months now since the dark elf is searching the woods, but his prey is nowhere to be found. That does not bother him though. He will find him, he knows that. And when he does, he will kill him. He can’t fail his master. Stopping for a while he looks back, to where the inn must be. His thoughts drift for a moment and her image comes into his mind. `Maybe I should stay around for a while. This should be interesting`. He nods to himself. `Yes, I will be back.`. He wonders why he has this sudden interest in the young dark elf. He dismisses the thought now, there are more important matters at hand, he must focus. He is about to move again when a small sound is heard not far away. He snaps instantly. He sees a shadow moving among the tree trunks and his heart skips a beat. `Is it him ?`. But he knows the answer to that question.


The paladin moves at a fast pace through the woods. He does not like the woods. And he certainly does not like the woods at night. There are other ways to reach the town, but this is the shortest way. He curses himself for taking this route but now it’s too late to turn back. He takes comfort in the thought that the town is not far now. The town is safe. He will get … CRACK!*. The sound seems to him like an explosion in the silence of the night. He stops dead in his tracks and looks down at the broken branch under his boot. `Rats!`. He pushes slowly away the branch. A feeling of terrible dread engulfs him, something is very very wrong, his whole being screams of danger. He lifts his eyes and that’s when he sees him. A man in a dark robe stands still not far from him. He has a staff in his hand. His skin is dark, his hair is white and his eyes are burning with rage. It’s him, there is no doubt about it. The paladin quickly draws his big sword, words are useless. One of them is going to die.

But his hands are shaking. His heart is beating so fast it’s about to burst through his chest. He tries to focus, he’s been trained for this. He tries to calm himself. He fails and the shaking is not stopping. He clenches his hands on the sword’s engraved hilt and charges the dark elf. He makes a powerful swing with his sword, aimed at the dark elf’s head. But his sword hits nothing but air. He loses balance from the power of his strike and stumbles forward. Confused, he turns and the dark elf is behind him. Standing still. Same rage in his eyes. But his lips are moving, whispering unheard words. The paladin staggers violently, his sword drops to the ground. `What’s happening ? What’s happening to me ?!`. Trying to back off he finds out that he can’t, something is holding him still. His panic grows even more. Suddenly he feels like his blood is boiling, like molten lava is flowing through his veins. His skin stretches and starts to spurt, blood oozing from all over his body. Sheer pain explodes in a white flash through his brain. Pain beyond belief. He never thought there could be so much pain. He then starts to scream. Inhuman,  terror-filled screams. Long screams echo through the woods. And the dark elf is watching. The paladin’s bones start to loose consistency and begin to crumble. Soon he falls to the ground like a empty bag, in a pool of blood which is already soaking the ground. The shock makes pain fade away. He is somewhat surprised he is not dead yet. He sees the dark elf approaching, a long curved dagger in his hand. The dark elf puts his dagger to the paladin’s throat and locks eyes with him. It’s over. One quick slash and the paladin’s world fades into darkness.


The dark elf takes the bloody head and puts it carefully in the special bag he had prepared for this very occasion. He stands up, puts the bag into his backpack and grabs his staff. Looking at the deform pile of flesh and armor in front of him, he feels satisfied. A grin creeps on his face. Although he has no reason, he kicks the blood stained helmet, which lands with a thump into a bush nearby. He just felt like it. He is one step closer to his goal. With that, he heads back to the inn. They must be sleeping because nobody is there. The fire makes weird shadows on the walls. It’s quiet. He heads to a table in a corner, drops his pack to the ground and sits on a chair. He feels a bit tired, but good at the same time. Leaning back in his chair he closes his eyes, lost in a meditative trance but alert at the same time


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  1. Freya says:

    thanks :) I like that one too. Nice how you wrote it from both point of views :)

  2. Stefan says:

    Glad you like it ;-)

  3. emil says:

    you have real talent! Great work!

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