The Stranger – Part 2

“Wait, we still have time!” cried the dark elf.

But his voice was lost in the thunder that rolled over them. When he looked at her he realized she would not have heard him anyway, she was lost in her own rage. The thunder came again and suddenly two twin lightning bolts split the skies, connecting with her hands. She was whispering something and the lightning bolts were still connected to her hands, cracks of blue energy moving along her arms. Then her body started to glow, as if it was charging itself. Brighter. And brighter. The earth started to shake, the air was so dense that you could hardly breathe.

The creatures were moving slowly back, out of the clearing, not understanding what was really going on but feeling that something really bad was about to happen. Then they ran. But the sorceress didn’t stop. She kept absorbing energy and soon her body was like pillar of pure white light. The earth was shaking really bad by now, rocks were starting to crumble, trees were falling. Suddenly, the lightning bolts were gone. For one heart beat the world stood still, unmoving, silent.

Then it happened. The sorceress released her hold of the power and all that energy exploded from her, in a radial blast. Waves and waves of energy were radiating from her, with a shrieking sound. The waves were moving with unbelievable speed pulverizing everything: the trees were exploding into million of splinters, rocks were crushed, huge cracks appeared in the ground. Then the wave reached the running creatures and hit them. Their horrified screams stopped abruptly when they were blown away, exploding into a red cloud of blood, limbs and bones flying everywhere. On and on went the wave, relentless, killing and destroying, almost as if it were alive. Then it stopped, the thunder faded, the earth stopped shaking. The sorceress staggered and fell to the ground.

After a while, the dark elf stood up slowly, still dizzy. He looked around and saw her lying on the ground. Quickly, he got closer and turned her around, resting her hear on his knees. Pulling her hair away from her face, he just watched her for a while. The bruises and the cuts from her face could not hide her beauty. He smiled and then called softly to her. She took a deep breath and then she opened her eyes, blinking.

“What happened ? Are they dead ?”

The necromancer looked around at the land that was now destroyed beyond recognition as far as the eye could see and nodded:

“Yes, I would say so. Are you ok ?”
“I’ll be fine”
“Good, let’s get out of here quick, we still have time to save him”

She looked at him with an incredulous look but said nothing. The both got up and walked to where the warrior’s corpse was. She looked very tired, but she cast her spell and a shimmering portal appeared. Then they both lifted the body and stepped through the portal, which closed behind them. Far, far away, in a dark forest, another portal formed and the three of them emerged from it. They moved the body next to a nearby tree and gently put the warrior down on the soft grass.

“What are you going to do ?” she asked.

The dark elf said nothing. He reached into his pack, took out a small leather pouch, opened it and produced a small gem. She looked at the gem, then back at him.

“Is that a .. is that what I think it is ? How did you get it ?”

He shot her a dark look and said nothing.

“Ok, I don’t want to know”

He put the stone on the warrior’s chest and knelt to his side. He closed his eyes, focused on the stone and called forth his dark powers. At first nothing happened. But after a while strands of shadow started to form above the corpse. More shadows appeared and they started to rotate slowly around the stone. Something started to glow inside the shadows, as if trying to get out. Suddenly a ray escaped the shadows and hit the stone. The dark elf focused harder and the stone went brighter and brighter until you could hardly look at it. And then the warrior gasped loudly and his body staggered violently.

After a while he stopped shaking and slowly opened his eyes. He was alive once again. The stone was gone. The high elf burst into tears of joy and hugged fiercely her brother. The necromancer placed his hand where the stone has been and whispered some words. He moaned in pain but clenched his teeth and held his hand still. The warrior’s wounds started to heal and close and soon no trace of them was seen. Spent, the dark elf sat back, panting heavily.

“He will be all right, he just needs to rest. Let him sleep for a while”

He stood up and grabbed his backpack.

“I need to go now. Can you send me away ?”

She nodded and came close to him. Her eyes locked with his and they needed no words. She put her hands around his neck and pressed her head to his chest, holding him tight. He hold her for what seemed to be an eternity. Finally they parted and she cast her spell. Soft light engulfed him and then he was gone

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  1. Freya says:

    Hey :) I love them, do you have more? :)

  2. Stefan says:

    I think I have one more called “The Paladin”, but it’s really short and somehow does not look right to me. It’s the very first story I ever wrote though ;-) I will post it I guess.

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