Lonely tree

I like digital graphics and I would like to have more time for it. Some years ago I bought myself off ebay a Wacom tablet and I started drawing all kind of things in Photoshop but unfortunately since some time I don’t have time for it anymore.

At the moment we are finalizing our bedroom and on one of the walls there is a door frame which I covered with some wooden plates. We came to the conclusion that a poster would look good over there. We looked online for a while but a  poster that size is not really cheap. So I just looked through my Photoshop files I made some years ago and I found this one:

At the time it took me about a week to finish it in Photoshop. Luckily I worked in high resolution so I just had to adjust a bit the aspect ratio, change couple of things and it was ready. The original image is about 4700×4700 pixels, the poster will be 80x80cm. I uploaded the file to one of those online printing services and now I am waiting for the delivery. It was not really that expensive, just 22 €.

A higher resolution version (2000×2000) can be downloaded here: [download id="3"]

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  1. Ana says:

    Si chiar ai desen cu un copac de langa cimitir la tine in dormitor? :-o
    Bine, la un moment dat chiar pare linistitor, daca stau sa ma gandesc :))

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