New license plate

Yesterday I finally found some time to go and register my private car at the new address. The city where I moved to belongs to a different “Kreis” which means I had to replace the car registration papers and license plates. How long did it take ? 10 minutes.

I arrived the place, there was nobody at the counter so I just gave the guy my paperwork. He sent me across the street to get my new license plates, there it only took 3-4 minutes until they made them. I got back, I paid, I got my new registration papers, they stamped my license plates and that was it! No line, no stress, no complication, no idiot people.

2 Responses to “New license plate”

  1. Ciupercutza says:

    Pai tu iti dai seama ce ditamai postul ai fi scris daca stateai la coada si te enervai??? Asa, abia ai scos cateva randuri :P
    Vaz ca inca te mai minunezi ca la “ei” e bine si la “noi” e ca la nebuni :)

  2. Stefan says:

    [:ro]Presupun ca nebunia de la noi e inca bine inradacinata, a lasat rani adanci :)[:en]I guess the craziness from Romania is still deeply rooted in me, it left some serious scars :)

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