Star Trek

Warning: There are some spoilers below so if you have not seen the movie yet then please stop reading now.

Yesterday we went and saw the new “Star Trek” movie and I must admit I liked it a lot. I am a big Star Trek fan but I never watched the original series with Kirk, Spock and so on. First of all I never liked Kirk and second, I could never get over the ancient “special effects”. I don’t know, I just didn’t like the series. But otherwise, I have watched all the other Star Trek series and movies, several times each actually.

All that considered, I liked this movie. It was a little bit weird to see Zachary Quinto (Sylar from “Heroes“) play Spock, I kinda expected him anytime to make a flicking move with his hand and open up someone’s skull. But I got over that after a short while. I also liked the whole alternate timeline twist. It’s not messing up with the old Star Trek universe while allowing for future movies to be released. I’ve read some rumors which said that three more Star Trek movies will be made, I hope they are true.

Anyway, a movie highly recommended for everybody, Star Trek fan or not.

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  1. Alexa says:

    Deci este cazul sa merg la film, buna idee mai ales ca ma fascineaza Sf-ul. Cu Zachary Quinto am avut si eu probleme in seria 24, unde saracutul era asa de pasnic, dar eu ma asteptam in orice moment sa spintece pe cineva. Thx de recomandare

  2. Stefan says:

    [:ro]Eu zic ca se merita ;-)[:en]I would say it’s worth it ;-)

  3. Alexa says:

    Am fost la film, pot spune ca am ramas impresionata, 2 ore de fascinatie sf, tinand cont de ce citisem despre el ma asteptam, insa nu chiar asa. Inca o data mersi de recomandare

  4. Stefan says:

    Cu placere ;-)

  5. Ciprian says:

    Vazut si eu cu Alex sambata. Faszinierend :)

  6. Mihai says:

    Bun filmul…dupa dezamagirea aia de Wolverine…

  7. Stefan says:

    [:ro]Aha, bine de stiut. Pe ala nu l’am vazut inca. Cred ca mai bine astept pana il pot descarca de undeva in calitate acceptabila
    [:en]Good to know, I have not seen that one yet. I guess I’ll wait until I can download it from where in decent quality.

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