Bye bye Vista, Hello Ubuntu 9.04!

Ubuntu Linux 9.04I am not new in the Linux world, I am actually quite an old user and I play around since many years with various distributions. A month ago I installed Ubuntu 9.04 on a small IDE hard disk, next to Vista Ultimate which normally runs on my home computer. And since then I never even booted Windows. Almost everything I need I have under Linux and the latest version from Ubuntu is excellent.

I have installed the 64-bit version (same as Vista) and I have to say it moves quite fast in comparison with Windows. Well, yesterday I did the big step: I removed Vista completely and I installed Ubuntu on the main hard drive. Things have come a long way compared to 4-5 years ago, when installing a linux distribution would drive you totally nuts. Ubuntu detected without problems everything I have in the computer: video card, network card, printer, monitor, sound, etc.

As far as multimedia is concerned, everything runs fine: I can listen to music, I can watch movies, I can rip DVDs, and so on. The only things I can’t do so well are games and Photoshop. Unfortunately I don’t really have time for games these days and it seems that Photoshop runs fine under wine, I just need to find some time and try it out. For other Windows applications which don’t run so well under wine (like TomTom Home – the software for my GPS device, a web application+Adobe Reader for printing stamps from Deutsche Post, etc) I have installed Windows XP under a virtual machine on VirtualBox and I solved the problem.

For games, when I will have time for them, I will just install Windows 7 on the smaller hard drive. Anyway, I have some time to wait until Mass Effect 2, Crysis 2 or Half Life: Episode 3 are released ;-) And at the end, this is what my current desktop looks like:

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  1. decoder says:

    How about HD Movies on Youtube?
    Is there any client for Sopcast?

  2. Stefan says:

    [:ro]Cu instalarea implicita merge fara probleme. Plugin’ul de flash default e 32biti insa exista plugin pe 64bit de la Adobe Labs care merge ok (il folosesc).

    Exista si client nativ pentru Debian de SopCast pe 64 biti: L’am testat si merge fara probleme.

    [:en]With the default settings it works without problems. The default flash plugin is 32-bit only but you can download and install the 64-bit version from Adobe Labs, it works fine (I am using it).

    There is also native 64-bit SopCase plugin: . I have tested it and it works fine.

  3. Horatiu says:

    No in sfarsit, credeam ca te-ai blazat.
    Sopcastu se poate streamui cu sp-sc si dupa aia preluat cu vlc (testat si folosit). Mie ce mi-ar lipsi ar fi un soft nativ de la Nokia. Da vorba aia, traiasca Virtualboxu, care vrand-nevrand musai trebe folosit din cand in cand, inca mai sunt site-uri scrise cu un singur browser in cap.

  4. Stefan says:

    [:ro]Mda, sunt tot felul de alternative, incercasem cateva acum un an si ceva insa m’au dezumflat la vreme respectiva. Cand apuc o sa mai testez, poate s’au mai maturizat.
    [:en]Yeah, there are all kind of alternatives, I tried couple of them last year but I was very disappointed at the time. When I can I will try again, maybe the things matured a bit in the meantime.

  5. m4nt13 says:

    “Un pas mic pentru tine… un pas mare pentru omenire…” :)
    Esti multumit de el pana acum?
    Nu de alta dar eu am ramas fan RedHat si solaris…
    Mai nou ma joc si cu Backtrack-ul… Mi-am luat o jucarioara de netbook si merge brici pe el…

  6. Stefan says:

    [:ro]Dintr’un motiv sau altul, nu mi’a placut niciodata RedHat, inca de cand a aparut. Mi s’a parut mereu greoi cumva. In fine, poate s’a mai schimbat insa impresiile raman presupun ;-)

    De ubuntu sunt extrem de multumit pana acum. Eu zic ca este usor de folosit atat de utilizatori normali cat si de power useri. Iar daca ai cumva probleme exista o comunitate extrem de bine dezvoltata unde poti gasi ajutor.

    [:en]For some reason I have never liked RedHat, ever since it came out. It always seemed somewhat slugish to me. Anyway, maybe it got better but first impressions remain, I guess ;-)

    I am quite pleased with Ubuntu so far. I would say it’s very easy to use for normal users as well as for power users. And if you have problems there is a huge Ubuntu community where you can find help.

  7. fonitzu says:

    Photoshop merge de rupe in VMware, vad ca au vmware player si pentru linux. Avantajul major e ca in momentul in care a expirat perioada de incercare la PS, copiezi masina virtuala, il reinstalezi si gata :)

    La un moment dat reusisem sa dresez vmware sa nu mai sincronizeze ceasul intre masina virtuala si gazda, ceea ce e un avantaj major avand in vedere faptul ca nu trebuie sa reinstalezi softurile asa de des daca nu le folosesti.

  8. Stefan says:

    [:en]I have actually tried to install PS CS2 under Wine and it’s not working, the installer fails with some weird error (some controls missing) and up to now I could not fix it.

    I am assuming it will run fine under VirtualBox but the disk image I use for VirtualBox is too small and I am not sure if I can resize it ;-)

    [:ro]Intre timp am incercat sa instalez PS CS2 sub Wine insa nu merge, installer’ul crapa cu o eroare ciudata (ceva despre niste controale care lipsesc) si pana acum nu am reusit sa rezolv.

    Presupun ca PS o sa mearga ok pe VirtualBox insa imagina de disk pe care o folosesc acyum este prea mica si nu stiu daca o pot mari ;-)

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