Another week

Another week is almost over. A very hot and humid week at that, even though yesterday we had a really violent storm in München. I was still at the office and the storm was right on top of us, lightning and thunder were almost instant. I am surprised none of the windows broke from all the thundering.  One of the lightning bolts landed on one of the tall buildings across the campus (where some GSM antennas are) and managed to cut off my phone conversation. Fun.

Also had one of those events organized by Cisco at the Brickhouse Club (rented for the occasion), with a project update session and news in the first part and food/drinks in the second part. Food was good as always and at least you have a chance to meet other people who work in the same project with us. (Note to self: do not wear a thick black t-shirt on a hot and humid day)

Oh, we started to watch “True Blood“, almost through the first season. Really good series I would say, I like it. Vampires, blood, sex, drugs, violence, gore, lots of southern accents, more blood. How can you go wrong with that ? ;-)

And last but not least, last week I had the pleasure of getting stuck in a 10km traffic jam on the autobahn because of this:

Not very amusing.

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