Flea market

After waking up each day at 6:00am (and at 4am on tuesday when I had to drive to Munich) was really looking forward to sleeping late today. Well, not much chance of that since some dude rang the doorbell at 5:30am telling me to move my car or it will be towed away. I don’t even know how he knew it’s my car.

I wondered for a while WTF is this guy talking about, my car was legally parked but then I remembered a sign which said that saturday after 4:00 you need to move your car. At the time I thought they meant 4:00 pm so I told myself that I have plenty of time to move it. Nope, it’s in the morning!

Once a year there is a really big Flea Market in our town right outside our house and it had to be today, of course. Anyway, since you definitely don’t want to get your car towed away here, I got dressed and moved my car. Naturally, I could not find a spot close by so I had to walk quite a lot until I got back. And then, when Freya heard why I had to move my car she said “Oh, flea market ? I wanna go !“. So we went:

It was kinda nice, quite a lot of people as you can see and you find there lots and lots of nice and useless things, but people actually buy them. We ended up buy some stuff too, including a cute looking old lamp:

When it’s clean enough, it’s going to replace our Ikea lamp above the living room table.

6 Responses to “Flea market”

  1. Bogdan says:

    Ceasuri de mana vechi, mecanice erau ? :)

  2. Stefan says:

    [:en]Nope, I didn’t see some like that ;-)[:ro]Nu, d’alea nu am vazut ;-)

  3. babanul.Andrei Babanul says:

    Da’ motociclete? :-)

  4. Stefan says:

    [:ro]Sigur, am vazut cateva triciclete :)[:en]Sure, I saw couple of tricycles :)

  5. phidas says:

    Pozele sunt super. :) Cu ce le-ai facut?

  6. Stefan says:

    [:ro]Prima e facuta cu un Nikon S50c de la fereastra dormitorului insa restul au fost facute cu camera de la mobil (un Nokia E51). Care nu e renumita pentru calitate ;-)
    [:en]The first one is made with a Nikon S50c from the bedroom window but the rest were made with the camera from my mobile (Nokia E51). Which is not known for its quality ;-)

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