Save the bird, save the world!

No, there is no cheerleader to save but we did save a little bird on sunday. A small swallow was on the ground in front of our house so Freya brought it up to look at it. Something was wrong with one of its wings and it could not fly anymore. It didn’t look broken, maybe just dislocated. Maybe it got attacked by something bigger or just had a rough landing, who knows. There is a nest below our roof and it’s possible it came from there.

Freya tried to give her water to drink and tried to feed her but the swallow seemed unimpressed by her otherwise excellent culinary skills. It’s true that these birds eat insects and at the time we were out of our dead-insects stock. Towards the evening we found out that there are places which take care of wild animals (vets won’t do shit for them). According to the internets, the closest place was 1h drive away so we just took the bird and got in the car. It seemed a bit agitated at first because of the engine noise but it calmed down eventually:

The guy who took care of this shelter for wild animals was an old man who walked slowly and spoke with a heavy schwäbisch accent. But he did know a lot of things about birds. He took us in his barn where he had all kind of cages and couple of birds too. He hoped the swallow’s wing will heal until and of september or so, when their migration start otherwise it will not survive if he would let the bird go. He also had there in a glass cage a colony of small mice. The mice were just food for the bigger birds, hawks, pterodactyls or who knows what else the guy had.

I hope the little guy will make it ;-)

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