I finally managed to finish reading two of the books I bought some time ago. I mean “The Dreaming Void” and “The Temporal Void” books. Science fiction books with a touch of fantasy in them, very entertaining I would say. Highly recommended.  They are part of the Void Trilogy but the last book, “The Evolutionary Void“, is not out yet. I have to pre-order it when I can. And I have to look up more books by Peter F. Hamilton ;-)

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  1. Misery says:

    They are stunningly good books.
    If you’ve not read any other Peter Hamilton books, grab Pandora’s Star and Judas Unchained.

    They are 2 books dealing with the Commonwealth, set before the void trilogy.

    Hows everything going mate?

  2. Stefan says:

    Hey Mis :-)

    Yeah, I just noticed that after I finished those two. I will pick them up. Or I have to look through the ebook collection I have, they are probably there.

    Doing good otherwise, looking forward to the vacation. How are you doing ? Still playing Eve, or not anymore ?

    • Misery says:

      Yeah, doing good.
      Still playing eve, most of Riku has gone though, just a handful of us still playing, Eros, JQ, Arf, Morph.. thats probably about it.

      I’m guessing you’re not coming back any time soon :-)

  3. Ciprian says:

    [:en]Good books!
    [:ro]Strasnice carti!

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