Lonely tree poster

As I was saying some time ago, I sent my lonely tree picture to a site to get it printed. The idea was that once I get it, I will build a frame and hang it in our bedroom. It took some time but with Freya’s help, we finished it this weekend!

A few pictures from the assembly: cutting the frames, putting finish on them, glueing, etc.

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  1. Radu says:

    Eu as fi cumparat o rama gata facuta, dar poate tocmai de aceea apreciez efortul de a o construi si placerea de a o vedea gata dupa ce a fost facuta de voi. Bravo!
    In plus, compozitia imaginii (modul in care sunt aranjate diversele elemente) e bine inchegata.

  2. Stefan says:

    [:ro]Am vrut sa vedem daca iesim mai ieftin daca facem noi rama. O problema a fost si marimea un pic ne-standard de 80 x 80 cm (asta am aflat’o ulterior), nu am gasit rama la un pret decent pentru aceasta marime.

    Insa data viitoare o sa incercam si altfel, tiparim la o marime mai standard si luam o rama gata facuta, sa vedem cum e.
    [:en]We wanted to see if it’s cheaper to make the frame ourselves. A problem was also the somewhat non-standard 80 x 80cm size of the print, as we found out later. We didn’t find a frame for this size at a reasonable price.

    Next time we’ll try to print at a more standard size and get an already made frame, see what’s it like.

  3. Ana says:

    Aaaa…. asa arata, eu aveam impresia ca pui un fel de foto-tapet, sa fie de dimensiunea peretelui toata imaginea – de aia nu prea stiam ce sa zic de cele cateva cruci care se vedeau :D
    Ok, arata super!

  4. Stefan says:

    Eh, nici chiar asa, ar fi fost un pic creepy :-)

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