Back from vacation

I am not dead, I was just gone in vacation and we came back this weekend. Unfortunately. As always, it was way too short and I wish we could’ve stayed at least another week.

As I was saying before, we spent a week on Römö, an island on the Denmark’s west coast. We were lucky this time, the holiday home we rented was much better than the last 2, and cheaper I might add. And on top of that we had beautiful weather, only sunny days and a temperature of 19C throughout the week. The house was kinda isolated which is exactly how we want it. Some pictures of it:

Besides the mattress which was slightly old and the shower area in the bathroom, which was slightly small, I would say that overall it was quite nice and it had pretty much everything we needed. And it had lots and lots of lights inside, the owner must’ve had some sort of light fetish. But I can’t really complain about that.

We didn’t do much during the week, which was the whole point of the vacation. We went there to get away from people and just relax. For couple of days we also rented 2 bikes from a local rental place. To my surprise and mild   annoyance, it was quite difficult to fit them both in the Passat, even with both backseats down. The space inside looked huge but .. it wasn’t. In any case, it was really nice. I haven’t rode on a bike in a very long time but like they say, this is not something you forget. I felt like a kid again. And after 3 days even my butt stopped hurting from the really hard seat. The rest of the time we just walked around, went through the woods, “climbed” on the highest hill on the island (which is like 19m or so) or just soaked up the sun on the porch:

Almost every single night it was totally cloudless and since there is close to no light pollution here, the sky looks absolutely beautiful. There are so many stars and you can even see the wisps of the Milky Way. This time I came prepared with this:

When you look at the stars through those binoculars you really can’t believe how many they are. You can even make out the moons of Jupiter, which was above the horizon the whole week. I really wish I had a telescope with me.

One thing which didn’t really amuse us was how expensive things are in Denmark. We did have to go shopping for food and stuff couple of times and things are simply ridiculous. Everything was 30, 40% all the way up to 100% more expensive than in Germany: food, drinks, household items, etc. And this is at a supermarket, not at some place for tourists. Because if you talk about things for tourists, then it gets obscenely expensive. 18 euros for 2 smallish coffees and 2 sandwiches ? You even pay if you want them to slice your bread at a bakery! Things are expensive to begin with because VAT in Denmark is 25% but that still does not explain the prices. I wonder how much money the average person makes. I think next time we just take the 1h drive to the border and buy what we need from a german supermarket.

We also went to the huge beach on the west side of the island and witnessed a really pretty sunset:

But yeah, all good things come to an end so on saturday morning we left for home. It was a somewhat long drive the we just took our time and we arrived at The Cave around 9pm. At least our bed is much better ;-) And we have internet!

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  1. Daniel Secrieru says:


    Eu am bagat o tura prin Insula Pastelui anu asta si prin Chile, la “ultimate dark sky”: Paranal, la Very Large Telescopes!

    Ceva poze aici:

  2. Stefan says:

    [:en]I saw the pictures, nice ;-)
    [:ro]Am vazut pozele, misto ;-)

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