Study week

This week I stayed home and I studied. I am going to take my last exam of the Cisco CCSP certification soon so I needed to do some practice.

The exam is all about the ASA Firewall and since I don’t have one at home and none available to me at work, I decided to get a one-week of SNAA remote lab from , a slovenian Cisco training partner. I guess I could’ve also taken a course for this exam but I think the remote lab is a better deal if the subject is not a complete mistery to you. It’s not sky-high expensive, you get exercises to practice all the items from the exam blueprint and you get to do this at your own pace, on real equipment.  Which worked perfectly, all from a browser. I was quite impressed.

Anyway, at least I get to stay home this week. Next one it’s Munich again which is gonna be real “fun” since it’s the last week of the . 6 million visitors come to  … get drunk :-? Yeah, really great. But I guess each with his own.

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