Ever since I started to “aggregate” my gadgets, my Nokia N85 plays the role of a phone, organizer, camera and of course, MP3 player. The phone comes with its own headphones but they are not stellar.

So far I didn’t pay too much attention to the headphones I used but this time the headphones were particularly shitty so I said enough is enough. I didn’t want to spend a fortune but I wanted something good so after some searching and researching I bought a pair of in-ear headphones from Sennheiser, the CX 300. Sennheiser is a private German company which is well known for their high-quality headphones.

This is the first time I own a pair of in-ear headphones and I must say the difference is unbelievable. The sound quality is superb, excellent fit (they come with 3 sizes of ear pieces) and they have a high attenuation of ambient noise. Highly recommended.

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