[Picture Upload] Suspended freeway (HDR)

Suspended freeway

Clicking the image takes you to its Deviantart page. There you can see the full view or hit the Download link for a big version.

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  1. Decoder says:

    The sky needs to be tone mapped separatelly, otherwise avoid it if possible.

  2. decoder says:

    so… you create one tone mapping where the bridge looks nice, ignoring totally the sky.

    then… you create another one where you are focusing on the sky. ignore the bridge.

    you go to photoshop/gimp and align these pictures on two overlapped layers

    the cool sky on top and the cool bridge beneath

    in the cool sky layer, you are selecting the lasso tool with a feather of somewhere between 30-80 pixels (depending on the photo resolution) and you cut the ugly bridge.

    the nice bridge beneath will show up, combined with the cool sky.

    you can use the eraser to adjust the transition.

  3. decoder says:

    huh. crashed your page layout.

  4. Stefan says:

    No, still looks ok :)

    I have to remember that for my next HDR, thanks for the tip. To be honest, in this one I didn’t care much about the sky, I actually selectively desaturated the sky colors to make it look more dark.

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