Crazy drivers

The roads are full of people who should be banned from getting closer than 50m from a car, let alone drive it. And while it’s true that the amount of idiots driving around is far smaller here than on the romanian roads, we have our fair share of them. Unfortunately.

I was driving on this 2-lane national road, a “Bundesstraße” how they call them. I was on the speed lane and I was driving at some distance behind a Smart 4Four, everything was fine. Ahead of both of us, there was a slow driving truck on the right lane and behind it, a Mercedes A-Klasse. The speed limit on this road as 120km/h, them two were driving at most 100km/h, if not slower.

As the guy in front of me approaches them, the A-Klasse suddenly pulls out, cuts the guy off and starts to overpass the truck.  I personally didn’t see any signaling. The 4Four had to break rather hard in order not to smash into the A-Klasse. I was some way back so I didn’t have to break that hard.

The guy in the 4Four got very pissed, and with good reason. He honked the idiot in the A-Klasse, flashed him too I think. After the A-Klasse finally passed the truck, with less than 120km/h, the 4Four pulled next to him and the driver started to wave his hands at the idiot, his screams being probably less than kind.  I guess he could not let it go ’cause he went on the right lane in front of the A-Klasse and hit his breaks. By now I  was also next to the A-Klasse and I looked inside. There I could see one of those old retards who should’ve been banned from driving like 15 years ago. He was just showing the finger to the guy in the 4Four .

I do not really condone what the 4Four’s driver did, getting in front of the other guy and breaking, but I can certainly understand him. I would’ve been probably just as pissed. I imaging this is how most accidents happen, not so much because of high-speed driving but because some people are just idiots and endanger everyone else. I really think that after a certain age, people should be called and re-tested, to see if then can continue to drive or if they should be put into an asylum and fed intravenously.

I have to say though that this is the first time I saw such violent behavior since I am in Germany. As opposed to Romania, where my blood pressure starts rising already 30km after passing the border.

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