Schowo madness

We just got out of this yearly festival thingy which goes on in our fair town. I mentioned something about it in one of my posts from last year, basically for 5 days the city “celebrates” something, although I have no idea what. During this time they have all kind of “entertaining” events in the city center. Yes, that is exactly where we live. There are all kinds of stands with food and drinks and also 2 stages where bands come and play.

This is considered an attraction in this area so people come, and they come by the truckload. For 5 days, from friday until tuesday, these events last from morning until midnight. Some might even think this is a great thing and a great place to have fun.

Well, NOT if you happen live here, I can tell you that! One of the stages is right in front of our house so unless you happen to live in a bunker 100m underground, then there is no way in hell you can have a moment of quiet and peace, even with the windows closed. Which we could not really do because there were above 30C outside. This was really horrible.

Last year we planned to take vacation days during this period and just get out of the city. Unfortunately, things didn’t go as planned and we had to stay home and endure for 5 days this madness. And they play this horrible fanfare music shit they seem to like to much here in Germany, beer tent music we call it. I imagine if you are completely drunk, in a mass of equally drunk people, then this music might appear appealing to your beer-soaked brain. Not our case.

And when they are not playing the beer tent music, they play those old stupid pop songs or “schlagers” how they call them here. I really don’t get this, maybe they were popular 30 years ago but now ? How come they can’t bring some normal bands which could appeal to people younger than 60 ?

Then not only do we have to cope with this auditory cacophony but they play it so damn loud. The volume is so loud you can hear that shitty music booming through the house even with your hands over your ears, you can feel the house vibrate, hell you can feel your insides vibrate. There were a lot of complains about that last year and they promised they will try to keep the noise down a bit this year. Bullshit, nothing happened.

All this until midnight. And once they stop, it’s not over yet. It takes another hour until the banging stops, until the drunks stop yelling at one another, until they stop pissing in trash cans or in flower pots.

Here are the people who organized this “wonderful” event:

What is the most obvious part of the picture ? Yes, the beer. What a shock. Thank you for 5 days of my life that you wasted!

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