The perfect coffe cup (I think …)

Some two years ago I was debating the finer points of those coffee cups you can take out with you. At the time four cups were tested and we found all of them … lacking. Over those two years the quest continued and recently we found another one:

We bought it from Tchibo and it’s supposed to be a designer cup, made by some dude I have never heard of. That’s not so important, the important part is that it works. It’s solid, keeps the coffee warm for a long time, easy to drink from and you can close it via a button push. So far it has no problem with the dishwasher, it does not leak or anything. The only “disadvantage” is that it’s bright green but that’s the only color we could find at the time.

Another slightly annoying thing is that the cup itself does not fit perfectly in the car’s cup holder but that’s not the cup’s fault so I’ll let that pass. Overall, good stuff. Maybe our quest is finally over!

2 Responses to “The perfect coffe cup (I think …)”

  1. Horatiu says:

    Ma, vad ca ai o obsesie cu canile astea.

  2. Stefan says:

    E chestie importanta, dom’le.

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