Finally vacation

We finally managed to have a “real” vacation and since we both really needed to recharge our batteries, we went again to our favorite place: Denmark. This time we rented a holiday home a bit more north than we used to.

The house was nice, equipped with almost everything we needed and it had this cute alcove thingy next to the fireplace, where one of the double beds was located. Someone with a more morbid imagination could think it looked like a coffin but we kinda liked it. We just called it “the box”.

The weather was so and so, in the first half it was not so nice and was rather cool but it got better. Couple of more pictures I took during our time there:

4 Responses to “Finally vacation”

  1. Horatiu says:

    Uimitor ce poate face omu dintr-o bucata de lemn. Au aia terenuri de tenis pe-acolo?

  2. teracota says:

    La ce va trebuiesc terenurile de tenis? Nu e suficient peisajul?
    Frumoase plaiuri!

  3. Stefan says:

    Pai nu prea am eu treaba cu tenisul.

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