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From Junk room to Pretty room

Due to the fact that the house we bought is kinda old (built over 400 years ago, we don’t know exactly when), there is always stuff to do or it does not look like it should. This is the case for one of the rooms, which we never had time to finish. Until now :) This is roughly how it looked before:

And this is how it looks now:

And these are some of the transformation steps:

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The kitchen on our floor didn’t look good at all when we bought the house. The colors were bad, the floor was bad and (what you fortunately can’t tell from the pictures) it smelled bad.It was something like this:

Since the kitchen is now close to being finished, I recently I got some sort of approval from the powers-that-be to make pictures. I personally thing it’s a huge improvement :-)Part of the kitchen:



First of all, song of the year as chosen in the “A State of Trance” weekly show by Armin van Buuren. I can imagine trance is not everyone’s cup of tea but it’s a nice catchy tune: “Gaia – Tuvan” (click the Play icon to listen).

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As most people this time of the year, I am in vacation but not much relaxation so far. First week we had a little special somebody visiting and among other things we visited “Sensapolis” and I got the do a bit of ice skating.

Sensapolis” is an interior entertainment park in a huge building somewhere near Stuttgart. It’s a lot of fun for kids of all ages and it features things like a giant spaceship, climbing wall, science center, a Fairytale castle, a pirate ship, tree house and many more. The picture gallery shows you a bit of the place.

During this time we are also working (again) at the house, doing remodeling and other things in the kitchen and bathroom. Freya’s brother is visiting and since he knows a lot more than us at this kind of job (he does this for a living) we kinda “abuse” the poor guy. The kitchen is one of the things we inherited from the creatures who lived here before and it was in dire need of renovation. When it’s done, the ugly brown will be gone and it will look “really pretty”, as Freya puts it. And I completely agree, will post some “before/after” pictures once it’s done.

And of course I am still studying for my Cisco CCIP certification. I am supposed to take one of the exams on the 31st of December, I just hope I will be done by then.

In the meantime, Merry Christmas everyone and a Happy New Year! ;-)

Still alive

As I was saying earlier, last week I had vacation. We didn’t go anywhere, we stayed at home because my parents came visiting. We had a somewhat busy schedule, as can be seen from the pictures below:

The little one was the guest of honor, if I can say that, so we went to all kind of appropriate places. It was quite nice at Tripsdrill, an entertainment park near Stuttgart, the oldest in Germany. This year they celebrated 80 years since opening. It’s quite big, we spent a whole day there and we didn’t get to see everything.

We also spent two days in the Fairytale Garden, another theme park for kids which inside the huge gardens from the Ludwigsburg Palace. There we saw over 40 scenes from well known children stories such as “Hansel and Gretel“, “Little Red Riding Hood” and so on. It was very nice, we had good weather and Diana had a great time.

The holiday was a chance for my parents to finally see what The Cave (that’s our house) looks like, I hope they were not too scared. We would’ve liked to finish with the renovation before we have visitors but it’s too much work. That does not mean the house is a construction site but some things are just not done. Oh well, what can you do.

Tuesday I went together with a guy from work and two of his irish friends to see Terminator: Salvation:

What can I say, nice special effects but I was not overly impressed. The first two movies were a lot better, I would say. Maybe also because the rating was just PG-13 as opposed to R for the first two movies (strong sci-fi action and violence, and for language and brief nudity). Of course, the reason was money I guess, PG-13 means a larger target audience. But it’s like one of the irish dudes said: if you just shutdown your brain and want to see pretty colored lights, then the movie is quite good ;-)

Today and maybe tomorrow I can relax a little bit but after that there is more work to be done. Stuff to do in the house and the whole next week I have some training class for my next Cisco exam. At least I get to do that remotely from home so it’s not that bad.