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Before the new year we managed to take a mini vacation and we went for three days to Constance. For those who don’t know, Constance is a small city in the south of Germany, situated on the lake with the same name. It was a nice getaway, just a couple of days away from the daily stress. We made couple of pictures too, of course :)

From Junk room to Pretty room

Due to the fact that the house we bought is kinda old (built over 400 years ago, we don’t know exactly when), there is always stuff to do or it does not look like it should. This is the case for one of the rooms, which we never had time to finish. Until now :) This is roughly how it looked before:

And this is how it looks now:

And these are some of the transformation steps:

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Finally vacation

We finally managed to have a “real” vacation and since we both really needed to recharge our batteries, we went again to our favorite place: Denmark. This time we rented a holiday home a bit more north than we used to.

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Stuttgart from the hills

Some pictures of south Stuttgart made from the hills surrounding the city:

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