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If you don’t feel comfortable using the contact form then just send me an email at stefan @ nektulos . de (without the spaces, of course)

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  1. idiot 6 und 3 says:

    che, aca en el trabajo estuvimos leyendo todo lo que pusiste sobre nosotros y no nos gusto nada… sabias que por difamacion de nombre te podemos hacer un juicio(Gerichtsverfahren)?

    Ihr Alice Team
    Idioten 3 und 6

  2. Stefan says:

    Hello “Alice Team”,

    I don’t speak spanish so I can only assume the google translation of your message is correct.

    You have to understand that you really caused me a lot of trouble that day, a lot of inconvenience and a lot of wasted time. As far as I am concerned, the customer support job all of you did that day was a catastrophe, words fail to describe how bad it was.

    I understand that you just work there and that they probably make you say stuff but in the end you are human beings, if you would’ve cared one iota about my problems, you could contacted me outside work. You had my email and you had my mobile number. You could’ve explained the situation and you could’ve made your point.

    What did you do ? Nothing at all. You just confirmed to me that you don’t give a shit about my problems, me being a paying customer. All I wanted is to talk to a human being and explain my problem but nobody would listen to what I wrote in my emails. Everybody just slapped pre-fabricated responses.

    One month later, when I canceled my contract with Alice, a guy called me and tried to talk me out of it. He asked why did I switch to Telekom. Because Alice’s customer support is a living nightmare. Not that Telekom’s is much better but at least you can actually go to a T-Punkt and talk to a human being.

    By the way, I removed the names from the article. At the time I was extremely annoyed with the whole experience but in time I realized it’s not worth it.

    My advice: don’t be a drone and try to listen to what the customers say next time.


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