The Steel Remains by Richard Morgan

I ordered yesterday from Amazon Richard Morgan’s last book: The Steel Remains. In case you don’t know, Richard Morgan became famous for his Takeshi Kovacs science fiction trilogy: Altered Carbon, Broken Angels and Woken Furries. Three books which I read without stopping and then I did it again.

Now he started another trilogy called A Land Fit For Heroes and The Steel Remains is the first book. It’s not SF this time, but fantasy. I am very curious how the fantasy genre combines with Morgan’s brutal style but apparently, quite well. I recently read a review about this book and the bottom line sounded something like this:

“Bold, brutal, and making no compromises – Morgan doesn’t so much twist the cliches of fantasy as take an axe to them. Then set them on fire. Then put them out by pissing on them.”

Not bad, I can’t wait to read it ;-)

New license plate

Yesterday I finally found some time to go and register my private car at the new address. The city where I moved to belongs to a different “Kreis” which means I had to replace the car registration papers and license plates. How long did it take ? 10 minutes.

I arrived the place, there was nobody at the counter so I just gave the guy my paperwork. He sent me across the street to get my new license plates, there it only took 3-4 minutes until they made them. I got back, I paid, I got my new registration papers, they stamped my license plates and that was it! No line, no stress, no complication, no idiot people.

Lonely tree

I like digital graphics and I would like to have more time for it. Some years ago I bought myself off ebay a Wacom tablet and I started drawing all kind of things in Photoshop but unfortunately since some time I don’t have time for it anymore.

At the moment we are finalizing our bedroom and on one of the walls there is a door frame which I covered with some wooden plates. We came to the conclusion that a poster would look good over there. We looked online for a while but a  poster that size is not really cheap. So I just looked through my Photoshop files I made some years ago and I found this one:

At the time it took me about a week to finish it in Photoshop. Luckily I worked in high resolution so I just had to adjust a bit the aspect ratio, change couple of things and it was ready. The original image is about 4700×4700 pixels, the poster will be 80x80cm. I uploaded the file to one of those online printing services and now I am waiting for the delivery. It was not really that expensive, just 22 €.

A higher resolution version (2000×2000) can be downloaded here: [download id="3"]


In about 9 months.

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