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Books read in 2012

I use Goodreads to keep track of the books I read, or I listen to. And this is what I managed to do in 2012, very few as real books, some as ebooks, most as audio books since unfortunately I spend a lot of time in the car. Yes, they are all science fiction :)

Wool Omnibus
The Hydrogen Sonata
The Rise of Endymion
The Fall of Hyperion
The Nano Flower
A Quantum Murder
Mindstar Rising
The Voyage of the Sable Keech
The Skinner
Shadow of the Scorpion: A Novel of the Polity
Line War
Prador Moon
Polity Agent

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Commonwealth Saga

I managed to finally finish the two books which make the Commonwealth Saga, a prequel to the Void Trilogy I was talking about earlierPandora’s Star and Judas Unchained. Really good books too, I am just sorry I haven’t read them before the Void Trilogy books. But it’s ok like this too I guess. Without posting spoilers, some bits and pieces :

  • humans got wormhole technology before space flight,  many planets were colonized, travel by train between them.
  • interplanetary “internet”, called Unisphere. People interact with it via implants, which everyone have.
  • advanced genetics, weapons implants, force fields.
  • artificial intelligence.
  • immortality via a process called “rejuvenation”. Done every 50 years or so, this 18-months process restores the body to an approximate age of 20.
  • later on, ships with FTL capabilities are developed, which travel via onboard wormhole generators.
  • OCTattoos (Organic Circuitry Tattoos), colorful or metallic tattoos which serve a multitude of purposes from bank transfers to various sensors.

All in all, two highly recommended science fiction books.


I finally managed to finish reading two of the books I bought some time ago. I mean “The Dreaming Void” and “The Temporal Void” books. Science fiction books with a touch of fantasy in them, very entertaining I would say. Highly recommended.  They are part of the Void Trilogy but the last book, “The Evolutionary Void“, is not out yet. I have to pre-order it when I can. And I have to look up more books by Peter F. Hamilton ;-)

The Steel Remains by Richard Morgan

I ordered yesterday from Amazon Richard Morgan’s last book: The Steel Remains. In case you don’t know, Richard Morgan became famous for his Takeshi Kovacs science fiction trilogy: Altered Carbon, Broken Angels and Woken Furries. Three books which I read without stopping and then I did it again.

Now he started another trilogy called A Land Fit For Heroes and The Steel Remains is the first book. It’s not SF this time, but fantasy. I am very curious how the fantasy genre combines with Morgan’s brutal style but apparently, quite well. I recently read a review about this book and the bottom line sounded something like this:

“Bold, brutal, and making no compromises – Morgan doesn’t so much twist the cliches of fantasy as take an axe to them. Then set them on fire. Then put them out by pissing on them.”

Not bad, I can’t wait to read it ;-)