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The perfect coffe cup (I think …)

Some two years ago I was debating the finer points of those coffee cups you can take out with you. At the time four cups were tested and we found all of them … lacking. Over those two years the quest continued and recently we found another one:

We bought it from Tchibo and it’s supposed to be a designer cup, made by some dude I have never heard of. That’s not so important, the important part is that it works. It’s solid, keeps the coffee warm for a long time, easy to drink from and you can close it via a button push. So far it has no problem with the dishwasher, it does not leak or anything. The only “disadvantage” is that it’s bright green but that’s the only color we could find at the time.

Another slightly annoying thing is that the cup itself does not fit perfectly in the car’s cup holder but that’s not the cup’s fault so I’ll let that pass. Overall, good stuff. Maybe our quest is finally over!

The deal with the Coffee Cups

In our house we drink a lot of coffee, especially Freya who is already an addict, I would say ;-) While at home, everything is fine since we have quite a lot of cups (one day I will count them all). But when we are in the car we need a different kind of cup with specific requirements. So far we got to cup type number 4 but it seems we are far from finding the Holy Grail of the Coffee Cups, as you can see below:

  1. We have this cup since some time now, don’t recall exactly where I bought it from. It’s not good. The lid does not close the way it should most of the time and if you don’t notice: coffee on your clothes. Not to mention you can taste the plastic in your coffee after a while. Bleh.

  2. Next, I saw some “nice looking” cups at some online store. They looked good and they were not expensive at all. So I ordered two of them and they were delivered in a short while. Total catastrophe ! The slit used to sip coffee can’t be closed or covered so it’s a permanent danger. The lid does not close through screwing but just by pressure and most of the times it does not close tight. As a result, see point 1. : coffee on your clothes. And on top of that the cup is too fat and it wont fit in the car’s coffee holder.

    Total failure. The saying “You get what you pay for” applies perfectly.

  3. One day we were walking through the town (where we lived before) and we passed one of those shops with all kind of things for your kitchen and house: glases, cups, pots, cuttlery and so on. Very expensive, I have no idea whatsoever how such shops can survive.

    Outside they had some things “on sale”, which means they were no longer “obscenely expensive” but just “very expensive”. Among them we saw a cup which looked good, the lid was closing tight, it was metal, the handle seemed solid. Going on the principle “expensive but good”, we bought the cup. It worked ok for a while but in the end it messed up too.

    The handle is getting loose since a while, I keep having to tighten that screw. The lid has a sliding thing which … umm, slides back and forth, covering the slit as needed. Good idea in theory but after a while that thing slides shut by itself when you try to drink. NOT amusing.

    Bottom line: expensive is not always good!

  4. The last find is a cup which I bought from Kaufland a couple of days ago. I must’ve had an error in judgment because I failed to apply the principle from point 1 and I bought something cheap. It seemed ok, the shape is good, it keeps the coffee hot, there is no handle so there is nothing to break, it closes real tight and that red button really works.

    Thing is, yesterday I noticed that after we put it through the dishwasher couple of times, water somehow gets between the green plastic and the metal interior. Not much but enough to hear it if you shake the empty cup. And that water slowly pours out around the screw on the bottom, which holds the plastic and the metal together. Result: water in the car or on your clothes.

    Bottom lime: expensive is not always good but cheap is most likely crappy !

The search for the perfect coffee cup continues!