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Do you still dream ?

There is a place of extraordinary beauty that I know. It’s a lake somewhere deep in the mountains. It’s not big and the water is incredibly blue. The sky is always blue there. There are mountains overlooking the small lake and there are deep pristine forests all around it. Tall, ancient trees guard the lake since the beginning of time. On one shore of the lake there is a small beach, covered in gravel. The waters wash it gently with crystal-clear waves. The air is crisp and clear. There are two moons in the sky above the lake and a bright sun shines above the mountains. I often sit on the beach and just soak up the sun and the fresh air, let the light breeze wash away all my worries.

This is a place in my dreams. In this post, dear reader, I will make you remember about dreams.

Have you ever dreamed that you can fly ? Have you ever felt completely free as you soar through the clouds to the blue sky ? Have you ever ran faster than anybody ever did ? Have you ever been on top of the highest mountains on this Earth ? Have you ever walked on clouds ? Have you ever felt that you can do anything, that there are no limits and no boundaries ? Have you ever felt the world is yours ? Have you ever felt immortal ?

Have you ever felt that place deep inside of you which gives you strength when you have none left, which makes you go on when there is nowhere to go, which gives you hope where there is none ? Have you ever seen our planet from space ? What about our galaxy ? Have you ever walked on the surface of the sun ? Have you ever touched the stars ? Have you ever been a star ?

Have you ever seen yourself sleeping ? Have you ever touched the face of the person you love from half around the world ? Have you ever been inside the mind of a happy smiling child ? Have you felt the pure joy in there ? Have you ever dreamt the impossible ?

I did.

I still dream, I never stopped dreaming ever since I was a kid. Not during the night when I have no control but during the day, when I can conjure anything in my mind. We all live our daily lives, going to work, going to school, coming home, doing our chores, going to bed only to start all over the next day. Day after day, year after year. Many of us stopped dreaming and just became drones of our society.

We must not do that! The day we stop dreaming is the day we die. Our mind, our imagination, our dreams, these are the very things that makes us human. They are our most precious qualities.

Do you still dream ? Do you have your own wonderful world where everything is possible ? Do you have your own secret place where nothing can touch you, where nobody can hurt you and where you feel safe ? Do you want to know what’s it like to be a child again ?

It’s all within your grasp, just dream it and make it true.