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Romanian food

We wanted since a while to go out and eat some romanian food but until recently we didn’t get to it somehow. We don’t usually go to restaurants, most of the food you get there is worse than what we make at home so it makes no sense. But there are things you can’t easily cook at hime, like chinese and so on.

As it turns out, it’s not so easy to find a romanian restaurant around Stuttgart. Most of the things I found on the internet either had a non-existent website, or the numbers were wrong, or the information was old. I did find a place in Ludwigsburg eventually, “Restaurant Zum Rad” they call it, so we went there on Sunday.

The food was really good. Since I haven’t ate this in a really long time, I had some meatball soup and then some stuffed cabbage rolls with polenta, which is typical romanian food. We also had some grilled meat with potatoes (natur and baked with garlic sauce). It was really tasty and the portions were really big, didn’t manage to eat all of it.

Too bad I forgot to make pictures, even though I had the camera with me. Oh well, next time because we plan going there again sometime.

[Picture Upload] Enough Work!

Enough Work

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Night out in München

Usually when I am in Munich during the week, I don’t really go out after work. I don’t feel like going somewhere alone and with the guys from work not much is happening. But this week my father had some kind of thing with his work in Munich so they both came and we went yesterday evening out to eat something.

I don’t know the city that well (even though I come here since some time now) but I searched the Internets and I found some good recommendations for a place called “Gasthof zur Festwiese” somewhere near the central train station so we said we should give it a try.

It was very nice. It’s a rather small place, with a typical german atmosphere (chairs and tables out of massive wood, etc). The food was not exactly like the kind Freya is spoiling me with but for a restaurant, it was not bad at all. Some pictures (click for a bigger version and a small description):

I was very surprised to find out you can actually smoke inside. And not only at one or two tables in some backroom but in the whole place. As far as I know that’s kinda illegal but who were we to complain ? We all smoke.