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Crazy drivers

The roads are full of people who should be banned from getting closer than 50m from a car, let alone drive it. And while it’s true that the amount of idiots driving around is far smaller here than on the romanian roads, we have our fair share of them. Unfortunately.

I was driving on this 2-lane national road, a “Bundesstraße” how they call them. I was on the speed lane and I was driving at some distance behind a Smart 4Four, everything was fine. Ahead of both of us, there was a slow driving truck on the right lane and behind it, a Mercedes A-Klasse. The speed limit on this road as 120km/h, them two were driving at most 100km/h, if not slower.

As the guy in front of me approaches them, the A-Klasse suddenly pulls out, cuts the guy off and starts to overpass the truck.  I personally didn’t see any signaling. The 4Four had to break rather hard in order not to smash into the A-Klasse. I was some way back so I didn’t have to break that hard.

The guy in the 4Four got very pissed, and with good reason. He honked the idiot in the A-Klasse, flashed him too I think. After the A-Klasse finally passed the truck, with less than 120km/h, the 4Four pulled next to him and the driver started to wave his hands at the idiot, his screams being probably less than kind.  I guess he could not let it go ’cause he went on the right lane in front of the A-Klasse and hit his breaks. By now I  was also next to the A-Klasse and I looked inside. There I could see one of those old retards who should’ve been banned from driving like 15 years ago. He was just showing the finger to the guy in the 4Four .

I do not really condone what the 4Four’s driver did, getting in front of the other guy and breaking, but I can certainly understand him. I would’ve been probably just as pissed. I imaging this is how most accidents happen, not so much because of high-speed driving but because some people are just idiots and endanger everyone else. I really think that after a certain age, people should be called and re-tested, to see if then can continue to drive or if they should be put into an asylum and fed intravenously.

I have to say though that this is the first time I saw such violent behavior since I am in Germany. As opposed to Romania, where my blood pressure starts rising already 30km after passing the border.

FOAD, Deutsche Telekom!

If you don’t know what FOAD means, Google will tell you. But this is what Deutsche Telekom deserves, all day long:

I see stupid people!

No, it’s not a quote from the movie “The Sixth Sense” even though it looks like it, there it was “I see dead people“. But I see them more and more, especially in Schorndorf, the city where we will move to.

As I was saying, we had a meeting with a guy from a company which renovates bathrooms. The guy came at the promised hour, looked a bit around, especially in the room with all the water pipes. Eventually he realized he has to see also some pipes in the shop downstairs, some kind of nail and beauty salon. Since that place is closed on mondays and we didn’t have the keys, it was decided he will come again the next day when the girl with the shop works. Ok, so next day Freya tries to call him at the mobile number from his business card. There she only finds an automated message which tells her to call another mobile number. WTF ? This was the first clue of the total failure which we were about to encounter.

So she calls at the new number, the guy answers and she confirms him that the girl is there and will be working the whole day. The guy promises to come and have a look at the pipes. The plan was that he will get all the information he needed so he could make us an offer before Christmas. Which was also what we agreed with his boss on our initial visit to their place. Today (so after one week) seeing that we didn’t get anyting from the guy, no email, no offer, no phonecall, I ask the girl downstairs if the guy ever showed up. She said he didn’t. This kinda annoyed both of us so we got into the car and drove quick to their company, which is only 5 minutes away. There the place looked kinda deserted but someone was still at the reception. We explain to the women there the problem, to which she replies: “Oh, Mr. SoAndSo just left in vacation, he’ll be back next year on the 7th of January”.

This really pissed off both of us. So not only the idiot does not show up when he promises, does not send us the promised offer but what else does he do ? He leaves in vacation without even bothering to call us! What kind of shit is this ? I don’t know if all employees from that place are like that but our trust in this company was simply lost forever. At the end the woman offered to send the guy a message that he should call us when he gets back from vacation. We just told her to forget it, we don’t want that punk doing anything in our house anymore, we’ll just take our money somewhere else if they don’t feel like working.

The bad thing is, this made us lose valuable time and now it’s unlikely we’ll be able to finish the bathrooms until end of January. Maybe if we are lucky and we find someone who wants to work for a change.

Since we talk about idiots, let’s stop a bit to the girl with the beauty salon. Since she has her business in our house, she has to pay rent. Which rent is paid at the beginning of the month (December in this case). It’s now 23rd of December and we still have not received anything. Last week Freya asked her about the rent and the girl said she already made the transfer and we should be getting the money shortly. Normally such a bank transfer takes 2 working days, rarely longer. So today I go to her and ask her again about the rent. She’s just babbling some about the fact that we should get the money today or tomorrow since she just made the transfer yesterday. I thought I’d be polite so I told her I will get my account again. Even though I knew nothing came in. So she obviously lied to Freya last week. Eventually she comes to us later on today and ask about the bank account. WTF ? This is a new account, I don’t know it by heart yet so I connect online (Nokia E51 + DSL + Wireless router = The Win), I look in the online banking thingy and I tell her the account. I wonder if she remembers it long enough to make the payment.

And in the end of this rather long post, I feel I have to introduce the last idiot: the lady from the agency, through which we bought the house. I have never seen so far a more un-professional, confused and short-sighted person. I exchanged with her many emails and each single time she managed to annoy me. I send her an email with some request, she reads it kinda quick because I see the read receipt and then SHE DOES NOTHING! She does not reply that she received my email and that she will work on it. When she eventually does, it’s late, sometimes days. In her reply she anwers some questions and forgets others, making me waste time and ask again. When she sends me some paperwork she does not do it via email (scanned) or fax as I requested, she just sends it by post so we waste 2-3 more days. The only thing she ever did quick was to send us the invoice. We signed the contract in an afternoon and next day we had the letter with the invoice!

I really hope those three specimens are not representative for the whole Schorndorf.

Nightmares with Alice-DSL

At our current address we have internet via cable, 16Mbps download, 1Mbps upload, 29 euro flatrate. Works perfectly. The thing is, KabelBW (the only cable company in this land) are not present at our new address. They are at the next house, but not at ours. Which means they will most likely make us pay a LOT for the connection. Anyway, I am still waiting for an answer from them.

In the meantime though, we need temporary internet access. Everybody in the house is a heavy internet user so we can’t do without. I ended up deciding to go with Alice-DSL since they don’t force you in a 24-months contract, you can cancel every month. So I go to their website, I choose one of the tariff plans and I start filling out the formular. Only to discover it’s not working in Firefox. Damn it :evil: Ok, I fire up Internet Explorer, everything goes ok and at the end I tell them I want the service to be activated on the 5th of December, there is an option for that.

A few days later I get couple of phone calls from hidden numbers. As I was in a meeting, I ignored them, of course. After a while I realize it may be the guys from Alice-DSL so I plan to answer the next one. I still don’t understand why are they hiding their phone number ? And since they called anyway, why don’t they leave a voicemail ?

Anyway, it turns out it was a guy from Alice-DSL afterall. We’ll call him Idiot1. Idiot1 starts and asks me all kind of questions which I have already answered in their online formular. I try not to get annoyed and I answer the dude. Until he tells me the service will be activated as soon as possible. I reply that no, that is wrong, the service should be activated on the 5th of December, as I told them in the online thingy. I ask him why doesn’t he look over that data but Idiot1 starts to babble and tells me that he will correct it (correct what ?!) and that 5th of December is ok.

2 days later I get an confirmation SMS which says everything is ok and the service will be activated on 10th of December. WTF ?! I look up their last email, see a contact link, I get from there the hotline number (free call) and I ring them up. Their stupid system make me input my new phone number before they connect me. Of course I don’t have yet anything like that, this is a new connection. Another automated message tells of another hotline number that I can call, if I don’t have a number. So I call that (not free anymore, of course). I talk with a lady, we’ll call her Idiot2. I try to explain that I spoke with someone else from the hotline for 5th of December but she has no idea what I am talking about. Since 10th of December is not good for me, we set it up for 15th of December.

Yesterday the nightmare begins. I get another confirmation email, with the contract attached, which states that on 10th of December my service will be activated and that the Telekom dude will arrive sometime between 8:00 and 16:00h! I start to get really annoyed. The email comes from a generic address, some like info@bla.bla , so I reply and explain that the date is wrong, correct is 15th of December and that I need a certain time, I can’t wait the whole day for the guy. I get a reply from Idiot3 ([name removed]) which confirms the 15th of December and also slaps some copy/paste shit with all kind of info about the Telekom guy, how they have no control over his schedule, that I have to be home between 8:00h and 16:00h, etc. She also informs me that if the guy comes and I am not there, next time they will charge me with 50 Euros.

I answer that it’s completely absurd, I live in another city, the house is empty and I drive there especially for this appointment. I can’t waste all day, without going to eat and so on, waiting like an idiot. I ask them to talk to the people at Telekom, to give them my mobile number and have the technician call me before he arrices. How hard can it be ? I get an answer from Idiot4 ([name removed]). She just tells me that they can’t get in touch with the guy. I answer that I don’t care about that, they should get in touch with someone who can contact the guy.

I get another answer from Idiot5 ([name removed]) who tells me that it’s not possible and then slaps the same copy/paste crap. I get pissed, I reply that I am sick and tired of theyr copy/paste useless information and that if they don’t deal with this, I am canceling the contract and look somewhere else for internet. Finally, another lady replies, she appologizes and tells me that they will give my number to the Telekom guy (aha, so it CAN be done!) but she can’t guarantee that he will call me. Ok, I find that resonable so I answer and thank her for the first helpful email. Only to get another reply from Idiot6 ([name removed]) who gives me again some copy/paste totally unrelated to my email. She didn’t even bother to read it.

I just sent them an email which says that if the guy does not show up on the 15th, or if he shows up without calling, I am canceling the contract because I had enough of their incompetent hotline people.