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Since I didn’t really plan to cancel my Vodafone subscription, I took advantage of this “contract extension” offer they had and upgraded my mobile phone to a Nokia N85. I also upgraded my subscription to Vodafone SuperFlat Internet, which is more or less what I was already paying so far for my previous plan anyway. The change is that now you have “flatrate” internet. It’s not exactly a real flatrate, after 1GB monthly traffic they throttle your connection down to 64kbps, but it’s more then enough for my needs.

Of course, you can’t get the N85 for 1 euro, like other mobile phones included in subscriptions, but overall the price was decent. This went into the “Christmas present” category, so I guess that’s it for this year ;-)

That’s the phone, images taken from Nokia’s website since I didn’t get to take my own pictures. It’s a slider phone and I had some reservations about this but I thought I’d try it anyway.  It’s a pretty big difference compared to my previous Nokia E51. I won’t list all the features because you can easily view them all on Nokia’s website but 3 features impressed me the most.

One is the Active Matrix OLED (AMOLED) display which has to be seen to be believed. The next one is USB Charging (less cables = good !) and the last one is the built-in accelerometer. Overall I am pretty pleased with it. Of course, as with any new gadget there are little quirks but I am still deciding whether I should whine about them or just accept them and find workarounds. Time will tell!

Now let’s talk about failed gadgets, because there are some of those too. My Plantronics Voyager 520 bluetooth headset had a small mishap, the rubber thingy which goes around the ear detached itself. The headset still being under warranty, I just opened a case on Plantronics website and requested a new one. I just had to send the broken one to them (they paid for the shipping) and 10 days latter I had a brand new headset. Plantronics has excellent support.

The next failed gadget is not mine. The display of Freya’s cute little Nokia 5310 phone gave up. The phone itself seemed to be working but the screen was blank. Since it was still under warranty I just took it to the nearest Nokia Care center. Initially the guy said it will be fixed in 3 hours but he kinda under estimated the problem. Still, after 3 days I got an SMS from them saying that it’s repaired and that I can pick it up. I hope that’s the case, I will check on friday when I am back home.

Online for good

After only three weeks ago I had murderous thoughts towards Deutsche Telekom, now I came back to more peaceful feelings. Finally the internet works decently at home. I still don’t have VDSL because it’s not yet available in my area but I do have 16 Mbps ADSL2 with the Telekom’s package Entertain Premium. A couple of the interesting features of this package:

  • fixed telephony flatrate
  • internet flatrate (of course!)
  • decent actual speed, 12-13Mbps
  • good upload for DSL: 1Mbps
  • IPTV which works, good quality
  • flatrate for all Telekom hotspots in Germany, 8000 of them or so

So I am kinda pleased so far. I am also in the process of setting up the multimedia system in the bedroom. After quite some searching we decided for a Fujitsu Siemens Amilo SL 3230T 23 inch monitor and a Zyxel DMA1000 digital media streamer. We’ll use this to watch the movies and episodes we have on the network server and for the TV part we’ll just get another receiver for Telekom’s IPTV. We don’t need a DVD player because we don’t really watch them but should the need arise, I can always just rip it and put it on the server.

I really hope the internet problems are gone, knock on wood!



No Internets!

What a shitty weekend, excuse my french. As I was saying earlier, Deutsche Telekom was kinda late in sending me the access information. To cut a long story short (not to mention that I get pissed off again if I think about it too much) on friday I manged to get a temporary DSL connection after a LOT of “discussions” with the people from the T-Punkts. The idea was that I can use this connection until the stuff that I ordered becomes available (16 Mbps Entertain package with IPTV and all kind of flatrates included). Surprise, surprise, they even activated it on friday afternoon. It worked fine until saturday before noon when it died again :evil:

It seems there was a bigger problem in our area and monday morning it was solved but we were left without internet access during the weekend. That was really bad. Anyway, we did all kind of things in the house, it’s not like we don’t have stuff to do. And I started to play again Mass Effect :oops: It’s an excellent game, I recommend it.

Still, in order to avoid such painful moments, I ordered a USB UMTS stick from Vodafone. From what I read it should even work with my Fritzbox. It’s a prepaid deal so access is not really cheap (4.95 € per 24h) but this is only for backup so it’s acceptable. What kind of speeds I will get, I don’t know yet. In theory we live in what Vodafone calls “UMTS Broadband” area so I should be getting speeds up to 3.6 Mbps but we’ll see.

In other news: Freya makes some delicious “Red Rice”. More details and pictures in a future post ;-)



Since we had some “very pleasant” experiences with Alice, we decided some time ago that we will switch to another internet service provider, to Deutsche Telekom actually. This friday on the 27.02 the switch is supposed to take place. The thing is, besides the confirmation I have not received anything yet from Telekom: no modem, router, connection info, etc. I wrote them an email some time ago but I got no answer so far.

Today in my lunch break I went to the local T-Punkt in an attempt to find out what’s going on. Unfortunately the lady there was not so helpful. She has to get in touch with the Porting department (since I come from Alice) and she can only give me some news tomorrow, so I have to go there again. She did give me a good news though, apparently if I dont get the connection info in time, I can request some kind of instant login/password so I can use the internet temporarily. Which should be enough because the router I am using now (a Fritz!Box 7270) should work just fine with Telekom.

I hope things will go smooth because it’s gonna suck big time if friday comes and no internet is available. It’s going to be some really dark times for the internet junkies in that house!