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From Junk room to Pretty room

Due to the fact that the house we bought is kinda old (built over 400 years ago, we don’t know exactly when), there is always stuff to do or it does not look like it should. This is the case for one of the rooms, which we never had time to finish. Until now :) This is roughly how it looked before:

And this is how it looks now:

And these are some of the transformation steps:

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The kitchen on our floor didn’t look good at all when we bought the house. The colors were bad, the floor was bad and (what you fortunately can’t tell from the pictures) it smelled bad.It was something like this:

Since the kitchen is now close to being finished, I recently I got some sort of approval from the powers-that-be to make pictures. I personally thing it’s a huge improvement :-)Part of the kitchen:


Back in the fray

Unfortunately my vacation days are over and I am back at work. After 4 weeks at home (the longest vacation/time off I ever had) it takes a while to get used to being at the office again, but I am getting there.

In the meantime in The Cave, the kitchen renovation is almost done and it looks MUCH better now. Still, my wish to make pictures and post them has been denied because it does not look “perfect”, there are some thing left to be painted. So maybe this coming weekend.

The bathroom upstairs is almost ready too and in the last weekend we cleaned and renovated the small room downstairs where we have the washer and the dryer. Before it was yucky and ugly, now it’s clean and with gypsum on the walls instead of wallpaper. It also has a new floor and the room is properly sealed. The previous owners were pigs, no other way to say it.

I started doing more stuff with my new Canon. First of all I was a bit surprised to find out it does not come with any kind of memory card so I got a 16GB SD Card from Amazon and now everything is fine. Most of the time I shoot in RAW format and I do the post-processing in Lightroom or RawTherapee if I am in Linux, so the extra space on the SD card is welcomed because one RAW file can take up to 20MB.

I still have a lot to learn but I have reactivated my Flickr and Deviantart accounts and I started posting there my first attempts. I have also updated the blog with a small widget which displays the latest flickr Deviantart uploads (the flickr widget looked crappy).

I wish I would have some faster lenses, even something cheap like the Canon EF 50mm/ 1,8/ Objektiv II for a start, but that’s really not a priority right now so it’ll have to wait I guess. 


Typical day of our “vacation”, today for example:

  • alarm clock goes off at 7:30 am after coming home late the previous day and sleeping only 4 hours.
  • get ready, put clothes on and leave. We had to be at the house early because the carpet we ordered for our apartment is supposed to be delivered  in the morning.
  • work, work, work (clean kitchen, remove old and yucky things from all over the house).
  • actually start to wake up couple of hours later.
  • more work, remove old carpet from our bedroom and the living room.
  • yet more work, take piles of trash downstairs.
  • guy from VW dealership calls, my car is ready (yay!). I go there, drop the replacement car, get my own.
  • more work, clean the garage, rearrange the insane amount of trash bags so I can actually move in that room in the basement.
  • walk to the VW dealership, pick up my private car which I had left there, drive it back home, get back to the house with bus and train, fall asleep in the train coming really close to missing my stop, waste 2 hours in the process.
  • the carpet is finally delivered. Of course, not in the morning as expected. If we had known, we would’ve slept a bit longer. Great.
  • more work, help paint the yucky red tiles we had in the kitchen.
  • go quick and get some small pizzas at the nearby Hoagies.
  • yep, more work. Paint the ceiling in the kitchen.
  • drive back home, stop the the Kaufland to get a few things to eat.
  • write post, take shower.
  • drop dead.