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Not dead

I am not dead, still alive and kicking even though I let the blog be for the past couple of months. Not sure how many people look here from time to time (if any) but I plan to revive the blog and keep up posting. I even took time today and updated WordPress from the ancient version I was running.

This year the stupid 5-day festival I was talking about last year took place again in our town but this time we were prepared: we took vacation days. We went for a week to Romania, this time by plane so we won’t waste 4 days just driving. We left right in the morning when the great event started and came back one week later.

The vacation itself was nice although a bit too hot, I don’t think there was a single day with temperatures below 32C or so. We spent 2 days in Bucharest, another 2 at Paraul Rece and then 4 days in a tiny village somewhere in the neighborhood of Buzau. On our way back from there we stopped for couple of hours in Brasov so Freya had  a chance to see the the city center and bit around.

We flew with German Wings, a local “low-cost” company. I say “low-cost” because, while cheaper than a normal airline, it’s still not so low after you add all kind of things, like extra suitcases and so on. We also had the dubious privilege of landing and taking off from Baneasa Airport, which still seems ancient and out of last century.

Eventually we came back to lovely Germany where we were promptly welcomed with 18C temperatures and gray weather.  And then we started work so things are back to normal :)

Picked up cars: good or bad?

Today I noticed that they are at it again picking up cars and this does not seem to be an isolated case. Opinions about the whole thing are kinda divided, some agree with this while others argue that it makes no sense because there are no other choices. I think both are right in their own way but I tend to agree with some of the comments I’ve read: if you can’t park right in front of your building, then look a bit further. It won’t kill you if you walk a bit.

This might come as a shock to many but here in Germany you don’t find public parkings every 50m. There are a lot of cars in the big cities, just like in Bucharest. The rule is simple: if find a spot, you can park. If not, you risk a fine (and be sure you will get it) or, if you block the traffic, an even bigger fine and a picked up car.

I know it’s not a perfect solution but I believe in time things will get better. I would say it’s a good start, I for one like better clear streets and less blocked intersections due to a lane being blocked by illegally parked cars.

Idiots in traffic

Today I was minding my own business at work when I noticed an article posted by Piticu about the traffic in Bucharest. I read it, as well as the one on,  and I got mad. I hate people who do this kind of shit, without any trace of common sense, as if they would be alone on this earth. Unbelievable! I got so pissed off that I looked the guy’s company up (it’s a company car, it has a sticker with the name on its trunk), I found the contact emails and I wrote them an email. I tried to keep it polite though (it’s an approximate translation from romanian):

I am writing this message to let you know about the incredible lack of manners of one of your employees, the drive of the car with license plate: B-58-SZC. As you can see in the attached image (seen on this driver has parked right on the tram line, blocking traffic for more than half an hour.

And when he finally decided to come back to his car, he drive off as if nothing happened. I admit never heard of your company so far but I really hope that you do not condone the behaviour of this, for the lack of a better word, idiot. It’s because of such insensitive clods that the Bucharest people, as well as romanians in general, get a really bad image.

I realize that this message will most likely be deleted but I will keep a certain amount of naivety and I hope that you will deal with this accordingly. As I mentioned before, this news was seen on from where it was posted on several romanian blogs. In case you are interested:

The image on

Video on

By the way, the company is Vincon Vrancea, wine producer. Let’s see where this leads to.