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Sunny spring day

Just another sunny spring day

Sunny day in Schorndorf

As I was promising before, a sunny day in Schorndorf:

Walk at night

Today we took advantage of the fact that spring came (finally!) and we went out for a walk through our little town. Tonight it’s the first time we go out for a walk since we moved here. Up to now there was no time and it was kinda cold and ugly outside anyway. It’s an old town with old streets and old houses but it’s a pleasure to walk around. It’s like traveling back in time. Couple of pictures I took:

When I get the chance I will put up some pictures made during a sunny day, it’s a place worth seeing ;-)

I’ve got the Internets!

After the really stupid email exchange I had with the retards from Alice hotline, today things went really smooth. The Telekom dude showed up at around 11:00h or so, he tested something on the line, told me it was fine and that in 30 minutes I should have a DSL signal. I already had my state-of-the-art testing bench neatly set up:

To my complete amazement, the DSL modem synchronized and everything actually worked perfectly. I did a quick speed test and I got the full 6Mbps I ordered. I hope everything will keep working fine, I just need this for 2 months or so until KabelBW installs their stuff.

In other news, as you can see in the picture, we fought with the wallpaper and the stuff on the ceiling but eventually we took it off in two of the rooms on the first floor. We have a LOT of big 120l trash bags now. And since we live in a civilized country, we will have to pay to get rid of them. This is considered special trash and you can’t just dump it wherever you feel like it. Speaking of paying, those big old heaters we have now in the house will have to be thrown away too. Guess what, that’s special trash too and you have to call a special company which takes care of it. For 250 Euros a piece :-( Well, what can you do.

I am beat. I will just go take a shower and crash, since I have to leave to München at 5:00 am  tomorrow. Yay …