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Far east

Lately the job and the project I am working on kept me busy and didn’t have much time for the blog. Don’t want to let it die though so here is a small update.

Work kept me on the go as usual and this time I ended up for 10 days in South Korea, the farthest east I’ve been so far. I’ve been to the Samsung shipyard in the southern part of South Korea and I must say that is one impressive place. It was an interesting but kind of tiring experience, the flight time alone is some 15-16 hours, plus waiting time.

The shipyard specializes in building ultra-large ships like container vessels, oil tankers, floating platforms and the like. Those ships are just enormous, everything on the shipyard is on a scale that I have never experienced so far.  Everything is built in huge pieces and then put together, not unlike a lego game. Couple of pictures so you can get an idea:

Otherwise the country is not so much different from Germany, you find pretty much the same products, the same stores. Prices are slightly lower on some things and quite a bit lower in others, for example a pack of cigarettes is about 1.5 Euros, unlike 4.9 Euros here.

In the first couple of days I have not seen one single european car on the roads. I initially thought that car manufacturers like BMW, Mercedes, Renault and the like are banned in South Korea. By the time I left I actually saw 3 european cars, one BMW and 2 Audis. Otherwise you only see Asian cars, and nice, expensive-looking too.

Some other oddities include really dark windows on almost every single car I saw, which would be quite illegal in Germany. And almost all drivers have a really big display on the dashboard where they watch TV while driving. Another thing which would be maybe slightly illegal in Germany :)

Coffee is a total disaster in that country, so is bread. But otherwise you can find good food and while I am not a beer drinker, the little I had was ok too. I had some big slight difficulties with them damn sticks but after some practice period my skills vastly improved and I could eat my food without looking like a retard. I am pretty sure it was still not the proper way but it somehow worked :)

That’s it for now, Merry Christmas to everyone :)