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Finally vacation

We finally managed to have a “real” vacation and since we both really needed to recharge our batteries, we went again to our favorite place: Denmark. This time we rented a holiday home a bit more north than we used to.

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Rømø again

Even though the timing was not exactly great, we had booked this vacation since a while now so we decided to go after all. We just needed a week to get away from the daily shit happening all around us and what better place than the island of Rømø in Denmark. We’ve been there couple of times so far, so we are quite familiar with it. Not much to tell except, the house we’ve rented this place was one of the best ones so far for us:

This time we didn’t use the electric heaters so much but instead we used the wood oven to heat and I have to say it was much more pleasant. Now that we are home we are missing it already but one day we will have some like that too ;-)

Weather was so and so, couple of  sunny days, rain too but the stay was very nice and quite relaxing. We visited also couple of places on the mainland and noticed that the danish houses have very nice doors. So we made pictures of them!

And a bit more pictures from the island:

Next time we go there we plan to stay somewhere up north so we can get away a bit from the german crowds, the island is a somewhat popular destination. We’ll see how it goes.


Really hot weather these weeks in Germany. It seems the summer finally decided to come in force and we have temperatures of 30C or more each day. At work I am somewhat lucky, we are in the northern part of the building and the heat is not that bad. I know for a fact that on the other side of the building they have in the rooms temperatures with quite a few degrees more. It’s an oven.

As usual, whenever I can I try to do some photo walks each week and since we visited that lake the previous weekend, I thought I should see what lakes are there within reasonable driving distance from Munich. It turns out there are quite a few.

There is a chain of lakes some 50km outside Munich so I went there before the sunset, so I can have better light. And less heat. This was not one of my better ideas because there was no easy way to get to the lake shore. When I finally found a way, I also found a camping spot with lots of them camping buses and lots of people. But the worse part were the mosquitoes. I could not believe how many they were. As soon as I would stop to set the tripod up or to make a picture, I would literally get attacked. I am all for sacrifices in the name of art but this was way too much, only the first two pictures are from there because I decided to cut my loses and leave before I become a bloody pulp.

I did some more research and the next day I went to Walchensee, one of the deepest and biggest alpine lakes in Germany. The lake is some 70km south of Munich, in the Bavarian Alps and this was a much better idea. It didn’t even take so long to get there, took me more to get out of the city than to drive the 70km since there is one of them no-speed-limit autobahns going south right towards the Alps. Oh, and there were no mosquitoes whatsoever. Not even one of the little punks.

The place is simply beautiful, the weather and the light were perfect and everything looked so serene and peaceful. There is a road going almost all the way around the lake so I just drove around, stopping every now and then to make some pictures. I left when the sun went below the mountain ridges. So here they are, the images:


It seems that summer finally came to our part of the world too. Last weekend we had really nice weather, although a bit on the hot side. So in the late afternoon on sunday we went to the nearby small town of Adelberg where not far from it, there is a lake in the middle of a rather thick forest.

There is a path going all around the lake, it took us almost 2 hours to walk it but I would say it was well worth it: