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Upgrade to Ubuntu 9.10 Beta (Karmic)

I am usually what you might call an “early adopter”, at least for software. And since Ubuntu 9.10 Beta was released 2 days ago, I thought I’d do the update on my home desktop PC.

I would say overall everything went ok, considering this is still a beta. Had some small issues with sounds, blue’ish looking movies and other smaller things but nothing that could not be solved by visiting the great Ubuntu  community forums.

The final version will be released at the end of Oktober.

Bye bye Vista, Hello Ubuntu 9.04!

Ubuntu Linux 9.04I am not new in the Linux world, I am actually quite an old user and I play around since many years with various distributions. A month ago I installed Ubuntu 9.04 on a small IDE hard disk, next to Vista Ultimate which normally runs on my home computer. And since then I never even booted Windows. Almost everything I need I have under Linux and the latest version from Ubuntu is excellent.

I have installed the 64-bit version (same as Vista) and I have to say it moves quite fast in comparison with Windows. Well, yesterday I did the big step: I removed Vista completely and I installed Ubuntu on the main hard drive. Things have come a long way compared to 4-5 years ago, when installing a linux distribution would drive you totally nuts. Ubuntu detected without problems everything I have in the computer: video card, network card, printer, monitor, sound, etc.

As far as multimedia is concerned, everything runs fine: I can listen to music, I can watch movies, I can rip DVDs, and so on. The only things I can’t do so well are games and Photoshop. Unfortunately I don’t really have time for games these days and it seems that Photoshop runs fine under wine, I just need to find some time and try it out. For other Windows applications which don’t run so well under wine (like TomTom Home – the software for my GPS device, a web application+Adobe Reader for printing stamps from Deutsche Post, etc) I have installed Windows XP under a virtual machine on VirtualBox and I solved the problem.

For games, when I will have time for them, I will just install Windows 7 on the smaller hard drive. Anyway, I have some time to wait until Mass Effect 2, Crysis 2 or Half Life: Episode 3 are released ;-) And at the end, this is what my current desktop looks like: