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Indian Summer

A 3-week vacation started at the beginning of September – during which, for various reasons, we didn’t go anywhere unfortunately – just ended and we both started working again and we both got swamped with stuff which backed up during our leave. I guess now we could use a real vacation where we could get away and relax for a bit ;-) Well, maybe in the Christmas vacation or next year.

After a period of colder weather, it got surprisingly nice outside and we have now what they call Indian Summer. It’s very nice outside, no clouds, blue sky and temperatures above 23 degrees. A bit of mini summer at the end of autumn. Bit foggy and chilly in the mornings but after that quite nice. It’s supposed to last until at least end of next week or so. So today we got out and we went to two Flee markets, one in Esslingen and one in Stuttgart. Read more »

Pretty things

Couple of pretty things Freya has been working on. First of all the transformation of some plain-looking document folders (click the picture to zoom in):

The details are a bit fuzzy to me but apparently first you paint the thing black, then you use some kind of special coating and then you apply the white paint. That special coating makes the paint on top of it crack and give an old-looking aspect. She did the same thing with this woden pen-holder (click the picture to zoom in):

The tiny suitcase-looking box below was bout from a flee market for couple of euros and it was a plain white. Looks much cuter now after she finished with it, doesn’t it ? (click the pictures to zoom in):

Lonely tree poster

As I was saying some time ago, I sent my lonely tree picture to a site to get it printed. The idea was that once I get it, I will build a frame and hang it in our bedroom. It took some time but with Freya’s help, we finished it this weekend!

A few pictures from the assembly: cutting the frames, putting finish on them, glueing, etc.

New Desk

Not mine, but Freya’s. And it’s not really new, it just changed owners ;-)