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New blog theme

In the end I decided to change the blog theme. The previous one was kinda old and I kept having to hack it; besides, it didn’t have support for the new features present in WordPress 2.7. This new theme is a bit more clear and clean, I only had to edit it a little bit. Slight changes in the CSS style and the header image. I used a small part from a wallpaper I made some time ago, when I had time to play with Photoshop. I hope that in the near future I will be able to dust off my Wacom tablet ;-) If someone is interested, the wallpaper is below:


If there are any issues I missed with the theme, please let me know. Thanks!

RSS Feed link fixed

The RSS feed should work once more, sorry for the inconvenience

Upgrade to WordPress 2.7

I have finally upgraded to WordPress 2.7. It seems to be mostly ok but I still have to verify all plugins, see which ones are obsolete, which ones I have to re-hack, etc.

[Later edit]
It seems the Language Switcher plugin messes up with the RSS feed URL, what a mess. No solution as of yet.

Scribefire test

I found another blogging client, a Firefox add-on Scribefire. Which is kinda nice since I always have Firefox opened anyway.

Later edit: Hmm, not so great afterall. The image uploading does not work.